The $150 House

The $150 House

I keep seeing this story that has been buzzing around and hearing everyone talk about the $150 dollar home.
Here’s the story, a couple from Houston have actually put their home on the market for only $150. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Which is why there is a catch.

The couple is asking people interested in their home to submit a short, 200-word essay on why they should own the house (along with the $150 application fee)- and that’s it! They are hosting an essay contest and plan to give their home to the applicant that submits the best essay. Whoever writes that chosen essay is one lucky person! The couple stated that they are “looking for the essay that speaks to them best” and aren’t necessarily “looking for the best written essay”. To top it off, their home is valued at over $300,000 and is located in the Heights- a popular subdivision in North Houston.

I think this idea is amazing, especially in an area as popular as Houston. I expect that there will be a huge response in applicants, and apparently so do they. The couple are expecting thousands of essays to be submitted, and promise to read them all. Have fun with that

Check out some of the pics from their home that I pulled from their website:

Kitchen Picture via

Family Room Picture via

Bedroom Picture via

Dining Picture via

They are accepting essays for a few more days, so if you want to participate in the contest, you can still apply on their website. I wonder if people in Victoria would participate in something like this?

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