Decorating Secrets You Should Know About

Decorating Secrets You Should Know About

TIP 1: Pillows on Pillows!

Apparently I’m not the only one that does this; According to popular interior designer Melissa Warner adding one pair of pillows can make your couch appear skimpy; to fix this, add two or more pairs with contrasting colors and patterns!

Photo Credit: Melissa Warner

TIP 2: Use a real rug in the bathroom!

I was surprised to see this, but if you use a real rug in the bathroom instead of common bath-rugs, they last longer and look better! Real rugs are made to withstand more wear and tear too. Winning…

Bathroom Rug: Photo Credit- Thomas Loof

Design by Mary Watkins Wood

Tip 3: Stick a Plant in a Lonely Corner…

I find this really funny, because right now I’m furnishing and decorating my empty apartment- and in my lonely corner that I didn’t know what to do with I suggested to my boyfriend that we add a plant for a pop of greenery. He was against the idea and suggested another lamp, but anyway, I was right and professional interior designers agree with me too, LOL.

Greenery: Photo Credit- VIctoria Pearson

Design by Dan Marty

Tip 4: Tuck in your Throws

That’s right, there is a right way to arrange your throw blankets on your furniture. Wait so we don’t just throw it?… Oops. Take your throw blanket, fold it lengthwise, then in half and then tuck them into your cushions.

Tuck your Throws: Photo Credit- Eric Pieska
Design by Kirsten Fitzgibbons

That’s all for now, These few tips are fun and seem pretty useful. I know I’ll be keeping these in mind the next time I come back from my Pier 1/Kirklands shopping sprees. Goodluck and Happy Decorating!

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