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Looking at becoming a homeowner? Look no further! We have plenty of homes just waiting for someone like you.

Our mission

At Platinum Homes, we understand that homeownership is an essential piece to obtaining the American dream. This understanding is what drives our commitment to revitalizing our community one home at a time. It is what makes us the standard in every neighborhood.


When we complete a renovation, we’re confident that your new home will be perfect. However, if anything were to unexpectedly go wrong, you can give us a call! Whether it be a faulty new appliance or a leaky faucet, we provide a 24-hour live technician line so that any of your issues can be handled. During your first 30 days, this service will come at NO cost! The Platinum Guarantee is an amazing feature we provide because we want our buyers to know that we will pay attention to detail and will give everyone the outstanding customer service they deserve!


Before any one of our homes hit the market, they each receive a strenuous 144 point home certification check. Everything from major components of your home down to the last paint line is tediously looked through by a project manager. Everyone here at Platinum believes that if we are willing to put our name on a product, that it must be the standard in every neighborhood.


Matching a home buyer to the home of their dreams is the best part of what we do!
Robin Allen

Steve was so professional and friendly. He made the entire process easy!…

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